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Responsible for the construction, operation, and maintenance of the part of the St. Lawrence Seaway between Montreal and Lake Erie that falls within the territorial limits of the United States, the mission of the SLSDC is fulfilled at its policy headquarters in Washington, D.C. and its operational headquarters in Massena, N.Y.

Policy Headquarters - Washington, D.C.

  • Deputy Administrator - Craig H. Middlebrook
  • Chief of Staff - Wayne A. Williams
  • Staff Assistant - Mary Hollomon

Office of the Chief Counsel

  • Chief Counsel - Carrie Mann Lavigne

Office of Budget and Economic Development

  • Director - Kevin P. O'Malley

Office of Congressional and Public Relations

  • Director - Nancy Alcalde

Operational Headquarters - Massena, N.Y.

  • Associate Administrator - Thomas Lavigne
  • Executive Officer - Michael Howard
  • Manager of Equal Employment Opportunity, Labor Relations and Employee Development - Julie Kuenzler

Office of Human Resources

  • Director - Deborah Perkins

Office of Finance and Administration

  • Director and Chief Financial Officer - Nancy Scott

Office of Engineering and Maintenance

  • Director - Jeffrey Scharf

Office of Lock Operations and Marine Services

  • Director - Chris Guimond

Great Lakes Regional Office - Cleveland, Ohio

Office of Budget and Economic Development

  • Great Lakes Regional Representative - Adam Schlicht
Updated: Monday, May 14, 2018
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